Kaiko's China Adventure

I believe that in order to grow we must do things that scare us or make us uncomfortable and booking a spontaneous trip to China was one of those things. I was a little hesitant in jetting 7500km to meet our supplier, we had been working together for 6 months however had only spoken via email. Looking back now I don’t know what I was worried about as it was one of the most incredible experiences to date.


Shanghai is such a beautiful city, we arrived at about 4pm, checked in and went out to explore. Little did we know we had picked one of the busiest times to hit the streets, there were swarms of people everywhere, surprisingly though not much pollution. We walked down to the Bund with what seemed like the whole of Australia, it was well worth it though, the view was breathtaking, After soaking in the sights we headed out for dinner and then back to the room for a well-earned sleep…remind me to never book a 1:30am flight again.


We were up bright and early and eagerly waiting for our manufacturer to come and collect us from the hotel. There were hundreds of thoughts running through my head, were we going to be able to communicate, what if we didn’t get along, what does the factory look like, have we done the right thing. As soon as we met her I was at ease, she was the most humble, beautiful person, I couldn’t have been any happier. We drove a few hours out of Shanghai to the factory to meet the team and see how everything was made. It really was a surreal experience, I loved every minute of being there. They treated us like family and I felt as if we had known the team forever. After a tour of the factory we were spoilt to a beautiful lunch where we talked for hours and got to know each other. We changed a few of our designs and had new samples made. It was an emotional farewell as we felt so close to the team, however the silver lining was we knew it was just a see you soon rather than goodbye.


The next few days in Shanghai consisted of food, sightseeing and did I mention food. It seemed every lunch and dinner consisted of dumplings and noodles…I wasn’t complaining, they were some of the best I’ve ever had.... Michelin star restaurant Din Tai Fung is a MUST.


All in all it was a trip of a lifetime, we can’t wait to go back and create more memories and grow our brand. We are so thankful for our amazing manufacture and truly believe that they are just as passionate as us about our products and helping the environment.. Until next time China.